Native American, Cherokee, Indian, Medicine Woman, Running Deer, Peace, Balance, Harmony, God, Great Spirit, Spirit Guide, Healer, Instrument, Wolf clan, Sky Father, History

"Medicine Woman"  Through The Eyes of a Cherokee

Native American, Cherokee, Indian, Medicine Woman, Running Deer, Peace, Balance, Harmony, God, Great Spirit, Spirit Guide, Healer, Instrument, Wolf clan, Sky Father, History

Hello and Welcome, I am Running Deer – Medicine Woman.  As a Medicine Woman I learned early on at a young age, I was taught by my Mother and Grandmother.  Learning of all that was around me, knowing how to respect all and knowing all had a space whether human, animal, plant, etc.  My family is large.  I was born without my veil broken.  My Mother delivered me herself.  Being born without my veil broken, guided by my Mother and Grandmother it was known from our Cherokee ancestry this birth was guided by the great Spirit – Galun Lati.  Born without my veil broken, Blessed with (a go wa dv di) – vision, Special Sight, extraordinary ability to see present and future, walking with the Spirits and seeing and hearing.

I am of the Wolf Clan, lower section, mountains of Alabama.  My work covers mental, physical and spiritual.  For who I am I realize it is not always physical illness but is often outward compounded with sick spirit.  Being a Medicine Woman I seek not those who are sick.  The Great Spirit places them in my Pathway.  These who come are as strangers, but they leave as family with a deep Respect and Gratitude.  They also reserve a small fear, however the healing medicine work is, and will always be a Special Love.  The Sky Father – God is the Greatest Medicine and Great Healer.  All Praise goes to Him.  I am but a chosen instrument that He works through.

  The Wolf is my animal spirit guide.  The wolf is strong, courageous, wise, quite in movement, stands back where you can’t see but the wolf sees and hears more than you.  The wolf is fast in movement and travel.

  As Medicine Woman my Books teach much.  Many important things that mankind has not seen and has not known for centuries.  It is time for all to come to know, awaken and find the world with their life in Peace, Balance and Harmony. There are 3 realms of Well Being; they are Mental, Physical and Spiritual.

1.  Mental - 4.  Peace

2.  Physical - 5. Balance

3.  Spiritual - 6.  Harmony

7.  YOU

In my Special Series of 7 Books, (seven is a Sacred number to our people the Cherokee) the wisdom you will obtain is Priceless.  Each Book is written as I am led in my spirit to write.  These Books have reached people all over the world.  Many documented cases of healings, many people see these Books as a great gift to be  handed down to their children and grandchildren.

I have enjoyed this time together with you.  I want to help you.  It is time for you to have help.

Running Deer

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Running Deer  

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