Looking For Heaven?

A Glimpse Of Heaven/Return To Hell

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1 John 5:19: We know that we are the children of God and that all the rest of the world around us is under Satanís power and control.

Looking for Heaven? Wonder if there is life after death? Order and read this factual book and you will have the answers. Your personalized copy by Running Deer. Donít miss this special offer.

This hardbound collectors edition is laminated and in large print. White as light and shining as the stars. Ann tells about her experience with the angels. She speaks of her heritage, that being of Cherokee decent. Her Native American Ė Indian name is Running Deer of the Wolf Clan. She is one of Ten children, born in the mountains of Alabama. Ann is the former Committee chairperson on PTSD, North Carolina State Council VVA. Annís Support Group is on three national databases. Recognized and endorsed by The National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition and POW-MIA Independent Council.

Know The Truth

Collector's EditionCollector's Edition

Personalized by Running Deer

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