Sacred Seven 

      Seven has always been a Sacred Number to my people – The Cherokee Indians.

     As I have been led in my spirit and from the Galun Lati – Great Spirit I have wrote answers to many questions that mankind has ask himself for centuries. A GREAT WISDOM is held with in the contents of each book.

     This SPECIAL COLLECTION of SEVEN will change the way you look at life and have looked at it. You will not get this offer anywhere else except here

     If you are really ready to see things different and learn the difference in things and be able to FLY HIGH above others, then waste NO MORE TIME order NOW. Look at the menu below for the title of each book that is available now and order. When a book is finished it will be posted for you to clearly see and order. Make sure you share this site with your friends.   
     Watch for the 5th Book in the Special Collection of Seven - "The Spirit Within"


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"Of Earth, Mother Earth Speaks"


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 "Indian, First In The Land"


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