Running Deer

Running Deer's ability and aptitude reaches above Mother Earth

Reaching out to people all over, helping them from all walks of life, Helping to bring Peace, Balance & Harmony

Reaching out to people all over, helping them from all walks of life, Helping to bring Peace, Balance, Harmony. Advisor, Spiritual Consultant, and Medicine Woman Advisor, Spiritual Consultant, Medicine Woman, Cherokee Indian, Native American, Channeller, Psychic, medium, consult, advise, council, peace, balance, harmony, running deer Recipient of National Award

Appeared on "The Good Morning Show" CBS News Special "Touched by an Angel"

Born with her gifts and abilities. Communication from God and the Celestial Realm

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Hello and Welcome. I’m glad you have come so you and I may meet. You seek to learn about Native American’s – Indian – Cherokee. More and more today there are many like yourself who seek this Wisdom. Because of this Wisdom we have much to share.

Let us begin with me telling you a little about myself. I am one of 10 children. There were 5 boys and 5 girls born in my family. I was born in the mountains of Alabama in the winter. My Mother delivered me herself.

I was born without my veil broken. This has a Significant Meaning to me and my people – Cherokee. As I was told and guided by my Mother and Grandmother as to the meaning of this birth. That being my birth with my “ Veil Unbroken “. I am the Mother of 3 Daughters and a Grandmother also. The Galun Lati – Great Spirit – GOD Blessed me with them. My Children and Grandchildren are all BEAUTIFUL.

At a very early age I remember always being different in the usual games that my other siblings played. Time was important to me and much was to learn. I accepted my difference with much Peace and Happiness. What I studied was everything around me animals, plants, stars, sky and people. I learned much by staying silent, watching and listening. My Mother and Grandmother guided my teaching and learning. To others I probably appeared to be a loner. However I was NEVER ALONE. I always carried a song or tune in my heart and sang or hummed a happy tune.

From as far back as I can remember the GREAT SPIRIT – GOD walked with me and I heard HIS VOICE when I prayed. I also WALKED with SPIRIT PAST and PRESENT. You don’t understand let me explain. You know JESUS and you know of HIM past and present. You know HE is the FIRST and LAST, the ALPHA and OMEGA the BEGINNING and the END. Whichever way you choose to say it or look at it is your choice. The FACTS are once HE was of the FLESH; HE is of the SPIRIT NOW. YES HE LIVES in SPIRIT FORM. This is “SPIRIT PAST and SPIRIT PRESENT “. If you know this then you know the same is true of others. I hear much from many who live in the Sky Vault – Heaven. I only hear through the GRACE of GOD. In other words I could not hear if GOD did not allow me to. All in HIS KINGDOM moves to HIS LOVE and HIS WILL. Many see death as the final curtain, this is not true. Life goes on my friend. The SKY FATHER – GOD gave HIS only son that we may have life eternal. Now remember GOD created Heaven and Earth – MOTHER EARTH and HE also created angels before man. GOD created angels to help mankind they are messengers. Now SPIRITS PAST and PRESENT yes there is communication only GOD can allow this and only HE controls it. I walk with spirit and communicate since my childhood. When there was communication I spoke it only to my Mother and Grandmother. This was because they understood and would guide my teachings and learning’s for this was a PROTECTED and SACRED and HOLY GIFT. My gift was protected and so was I.

I was guided also in my work of MEDICINE this too was protected. I was told there would come a time in my adult life when GOD would make me aware that I could SPEAK FREE and be FREE as to which I was. But for many years this would not be done. My Mother told me man would question my gifts and seek to control them and even capitalize upon and from them. She also said in the day that GOD made me aware there would be many who would need help with only few who would understand or appreciate it. I was guided that this would not be important that they understand only that they receive the help. IT was MOST IMPORTANT that they always give THANKS to GOD and ALL PRAISE went to HIM. I never forgot my teachings of what was to be and what was yet to come. My Mother was right about the control and money. The case that stands out most in my mind was an offer from a Government Official – CIA who offered me a very elaborate office in Washington D.C. with a very nice pay check each week. This offer was made in front of many people. However I refused. My work is not about money if it were I would be a Millionaire. My work is not about money it about people receiving the help they need. Above all this it is GOD winning a VICTORY and all PRAISE going to HIM. My reward is through my heart the love I receive and the many friends I am BLESSED with.

I have worked in assisting in many different areas these are a few. Doctors, Law Enforcement, Missing Children, Security, Lawyers etc. The professional position of an individual doesn’t matter to me. I look at a person just as a person one who needs help. As a MEDICINE WOMAN my medicine is different than the American medicine one might be use to. I know that today it is called “ ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE “. This has a nice sound to it but I have NEVER known GOD to be ALTERNATIVE. I do however know he is the GREATEST PHYSICIAN of ALL. Of course I accept these words as nice they do not dim my VISIONS as long as I know TRUTH I just walk along and smile and continue on my path and my work and PRAISE GOD from whom ALL BLESSINGS COME.

I recently was ask a question by a State Employee which was out of line with her question. But she ask me if I talked to GOD and did I talk to angels or spirits? I still find humor in this. Knowing this person was out of their territory I didn’t have to reply but I did. I have been ask before if I talk to dead people this one really is a hoot! Again is GOD of FLESH, is JESUS of FLESH, were all angels of FLESH? Does angels talk? YES THEY DO. How about the ones that was sent to Abraham and lets not forget the one at the tomb where JESUS body had laid. Then why ask the question you have the answer if you know anything at all! The same when GOD allows it as with our LOVE ONES. They whisper to our heart and our spirit. This is HIS LOVE for us and this is what HE wants for us while upon MOTHER EARTH. GOD wants us to be HAPPY, be filled with LOVE and be LOVED. The GREATEST GIFT HE GAVE US WAS HIS LOVE.

While we walk in this life upon MOTHER EARTH we are to learn. The BEST MEDICINE always begins with LOVE. LOVE must be FREE without conditions, without control. LOVE is not to be leaning upon another for one day one needs enough LOVE to fill only one bucket, but the next day that person may need enough to fill two buckets we must be flexible, we must give in order to receive. When LOVE is free as the spirit should be it is shared and many receive GOOD from it. Love can’t be FORCED upon NO ONE. GOD does not FORCE HIS LOVE upon no one. We must not try to FORCE someone to LOVE us this would make for BAD MEDICINE. Let yourself feel LOVE and give LOVE this is GOOD MEDICINE.

I am of the WOLF CLAN and the WOLF is my animal spirit guide. I often refer to him as my BROTHER also. One must know the Wolf to understand him and how LOVING and WISE he is. The Wolf is STRONG, WISE, SILENT, SWIFT, and carries his own medicine in his spirit. Hunted and killed in a wrongful and meaningless manor. Mankind has almost brought him to the point of being EXTINCT. My BROTHER has the perseverance that is needed to survive. What is not known is the darkness you will bring upon yourself by killing him. This is BAD MEDICINE and will be upon you and your house – family. So you didn’t know this well now you do! Brother Wolf does not seek to harm you instead he mates for life and feeds his own and stays to his own. Man could learn many lessons from Brother Wolf. Be his friend and you have only good to receive. Make him your enemy and or kill him and you will not kill his spirit. He will see your every move and those of old shall follow every step you make and you will know your wrong! Remember the story told about the child who was raised by the Wolf in the forest. Then think and know he is not your enemy, you are your enemy! Do not HARM them make friends as we once were before you hunted for the mere sport of it! Our people NEVER hunted for SPORT. Take care of BROTHER WOLF and go in PEACE and LIVE in PEACE, BALANCE and HARMONY.

I am HONORED you have come to visit with me and I hope you have ENJOYED your visit. I hope you have learned some things and I hope you have got to know me a little more. I am RUNNING DEER – MEDICINE WOMAN I have wrote 3 BOOKS in a SPECIAL SERIES of 7. SEVEN is a SACRED NUMBER among our people. There is much to LEARN about and these BOOKS are where the KNOWLEDGE is. You can find these BOOKS on the MAIN MENU under “ MEDICINE WOMAN “ or CLICK on the button below. Each Book is paperback and the price is $7.00 for the WISDOM of your LIFETIME



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